Sunshine Pharmacy Ltd.

Our Mission

Sunshine Pharmacy’s mission statement is “to provide affordable healthcare to persons at an affordable price and to help them achieve optimum health.” Our Mission is to educate our community about preventative health, including healthy lifestyle habits and choices so as to encourage persons  to achieve optimal health.

Sunshine Pharmacy Building

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Sunshine Pharmacy Ltd was established in 1990 as a small partnership with just two employees. It since has expanded to a limited liability company of two primary owners and four directors. It now employs a total of 15 persons including three part time pharmacists, one fulltime senior pharmacist, an accounting firm, three pharmacy assistants, floor clerks, security personnel and a “car park attendant” — All for the comfort and safety of its patrons.

About Us

At Sunshine Pharmacy we have designed the building with the dream of creating a comfortable place where everyone is treated with compassion and honesty. Our intention is to care for people and to help them feel their personal best. Our staff consists of warm friendly, knowledgeable people that take pride in quality care. A tranquil quiet setting awaits anyone seeking an escape from life’s stresses.


Sunshine Pharmacy Ltd.
7 Bryants Crescent
May Pen, Clarendon, Jamaica
Tel: (876) 986–9085
Tel: (876) 902–6008
Fax: (876) 902–6609
Em: [email protected]
7 Bryants Crescent May Pen, Clarendon, Jamaica • Phone: (876) 986-9085 • Fax:(876) 902-6609 • Email: [email protected]
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