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Sunshine Pharmacy’s mission statement is “to provide affordable healthcare to persons at an affordable price and to help them achieve optimum health.” Our Mission is to educate our community about preventative health, including healthy lifestyle habits and choices so as to encourage persons  to achieve optimal health.

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Throughout the years we have provided the best pharmaceutical services to the Clarendon community in Jamaica.

See what some of our many satisfied customers have to say about Sunshine Pharmacy.


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Kendra from the UK - 28th, November 2014

"I can't speak for everyone but my little one is living proof of the good that Dr Christie does. After 8 miscarriages and not much help from my doctor not to mention the countless amount of herbal remedies from numerous specialist and acupuncture costing an arm and a leg . I'm not saying they don't work but they didn't work for me after investing so much into things that didn't work I was left feeling depressed and dejected that is until my lovely mom found Dr Christie who not only listened to my story but offered hope by formulating a personalised therapy plan I must admit that I was a bit weary given my history, but did it to satisfy my mom, who had gone out of her way to get me the information. I must say that it was well worth the indulgence as I not only fell pregnant within a month of starting the therapy but was able to carry to term (even going over my due date) without any problems. Thanks doc every time I look into the eyes of my little one I'll remember you even though we never met, keep doing what you do thank you and God bless. ~Kendra "

Ms. Rhoden

"Post chick V symptoms after using remedy from Dr. Christie immediately I was relieved of the pains, crampness and other discomforts."

Orville Thompson - 28th, November 2014

"Chronic diarrhea of unknown origin according to Doctors. Within week symptoms abated able to work and function better "

Mrs. Thompson

"I am an 82 year old woman who resides in England and I heard about Dr. Christie from a cousin in Jamaica after I had a mild stroke which hindered my movements. I came to Jamaica on her recommendation to experience the sessions. After the first treatment I actually felt a lot better which was surprising and I couldn’t believe it. I did three sessions with Dr. Christie and her team and the experience was exhilarating and very enjoyable. After two years I am able to move around freely and lead a productive life I have travelled back to Jamaica and I am hoping now to write my book."

January 05/2015

An overseas Client who stayed in Jamaica for 1 week of treatment returned to U.S. kept on protocol and reported following after 3 months.

"Dr. winsome,
Hello, It's a beautiful day here. Logan's CT scan results just came back and the tumor is shrinking. It was 0.8 cm, it is now 0.2 cm. We are very happy. The doctors can no longer force treatment on him. For now I'm keeping him totally on all his treatments until it is fully clear. Once gone he is going to an organic diet with Hoxsey's, and vitamin D3, forever, for sure. There will be more items added once we get to that point. Thank you so much for all you have done. I know he is doing good because of your information and willingness to help. I'll continue to let you know how he is doing.

Patrice RhoomesSatisfied Customers

25 year old suffers from constipation and piles.

"Presently not bleeding but extremely constipated for 1 week although within the week I did take a little cod liver oil to soften stools not enough came out. I visited Dr Christie's colon centre and right now I am feeling relieved my tummy is no longer bloated feels light. My bottom is no longer sore from the piles."
Mrs Marwine Smith

61 years old has diabetes and hypertension. Her circulatory problems were the main concern.

"I had an infection in the foot and gangrene set in, I almost lost the foot. My doctor did a surgery which went down to the plate of the foot. All nerve connections could be observed. 3 years ago I couldn't walk and was bedridden for 8 months. Since 2009 the foot started to pull up from spine which had shifted a little but since these therapies with Doctor Christie the terrible numbness in my feet and dark discoloration has decreased and bloated feelings has decreased. I am able to walk a little better my back is not as tight the physiotherapist has said a bundle of nerves or whatever that had gathered has decreased the nerves have gotten longer and I am able to stretch more and control my balance much better. My bowel action and urination and nerve condition has improved."
7 Bryants Crescent May Pen, Clarendon, Jamaica • Phone: (876) 986-9085 • Fax:(876) 902-6609 • Email: [email protected]
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